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13 Things Your Website Should Have To Help Your SEO Efforts

Every website is different, but no matter what your site is about, there are 13 things your website should have to allow you to to make the most of search engine optimisation on your website, and improve it.

All of the content managed (CMS) and e-commerce websites we build either include these things or include optional support for these things.

E-Commerce sales rising in popularity, so how can you spot fraud?

There are always new statistics coming out showing how much online sales, or e-commerce, is growing. More and more retailers are getting online and selling. The flip side of this is that credit card fraud through online sales is on the rise too, so what can you do to spot fraud and protect your business from it?

Common fraud identifiers

In my experience there are a few very common ways of spotting credit card fraud:

Anti-Virus and Security Scam Email

I received an email earlier today that is quite sneaky, and has been fairly well put together to scam people.

If you have a subscription to an anti-virus or security suite provider, such as AVG, Norton, McAfee, CA, Trend-Micro or any of the numerous others, then you will quite likely receive emails on an annual basis letting you know that your subscription needs to be renewed, or offering you upgrades, or some other deal.

If you have a look at the screen shot below of the email I received, there are a few things to look out for:

Is Someone Managing Your Domain Name?

A recent post by Ed over at Oz Domainer got me to thinking about this particular topic a bit more. Who is managing your domain names, and in particular, who is making sure that they get renewed?

Domain names are a vital asset for your business online. Whether you use a single domain name for all your business dealings, or whether you have a number of them, it is extremely important that they are managed properly, otherwise you could find your website isn't accessible, your email doesn't work, and you are losing potential business.

Increased Quota for Hosted Exchange Email

As of today, we have increased the quota's on all new and existing Hosted Exchange email accounts at no extra cost!

You absolutely will not be charged extra for this, it is a completely free upgrade.