Optimise your Wordpress website with WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache is a powerful caching tool for WordPress that can offer significant performance improvements. For a brief overview of what WP Super Cache is, what it does, and why it is beneficial for your WordPress website, check out my earlier article here.

4 Steps to Performance Gains

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What is WP Super Cache?

WordPress is an excellent content management system, aimed at simplicity based around it's core blogging focus. One of the downsides of it though is that it runs a lot of heavy PHP in the background and can be quite database dependent. This means that each time any user loads any page the main PHP script along with any plugins will run and any relevant database queries will be processed, potentially placing a lot of load on your server CPU and using a large amount of RAM.

Need to increase or decrease your Wordpress Jpg compression?

For some reason Wordpress does not seem to give you an option to increase or decrease the JPG compression ratio in the media settings. This means your scaled images are stuck at the default compression ratio. The default is 90%. This is quite high and on high resolution, high quality images, this is not going to be noticable. If you are finding your images are too slow to load, 60% is a good balance of quality verse speed, but it will be a noticable quality difference.

Need to update your CMS database details?

Ever needed to update the database name, user or password for your content management system? The most common time I find I need to do this is when I'm moving a website from one server to another. Sometimes you can replicate the database details exactly, sometimes you can't.

I work predominately with Drupal, Magento and Wordpress content management systems. So where do you find the configuration for the database in these systems?


File location from document root: /sites/default/settings.php