Email Exchange

For many people, a standard POP3 email solution is not enough. It is for this reason that TerraMedia povides another solution. We are now offering our Microsoft Exchange Server as an optional upgrade to the standard email service for everyone that needs that additional functionality. What this means to you is that with options starting at $29 per month*, you can have your email service upgraded to a fully functional Microsoft Exchange email account and have your calendar, contacts and emails sync with your Outlook client when you log on to any computer with Outlook configured for your account.

Additionally, you don't have to worry about purchasing Outlook because every account comes with an Outlook license and complimentary setup files completely free of charge.

If you are someone who regularly checks your email from computers other than your own, and thus use webmail a lot, you don't have to worry about losing access to it. When you upgrade to an Exchange Server email account with us, it comes setup to allow fully functional webmail that will continue to sync with your Outlook client at home. This includes your emails, folders, contacts and calendar!

So not only do you get a more functional email account for your regular email access, but you get a full featured webmail account as well. Our Outlook Web Access is virtually Outlook in a browser. It retains almost all the entire Outlook functionality. Additionally, it supports HTML emails, which the standard webmail accounts do not.

The TerraMedia Microsoft Exchange Server means no more lost emails, missing dates and forgotten emails with complete ease of use no matter where you are.

Each account comes standard with a massive 500mb of space, in addition to your regular hosting, of course, if you need more space, there are various options to suit your specific needs.

*$29 per month on top of regular hosting fee's.

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