Microsoft Exchange Features

  • Instant deployment
  • No capital investment, complex project or additional IT staff resources to install and configure Windows 2003/2007 Server, Exchange 2003/2007 Server and other required components.
  • Lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), resulting from two primary factors:
    • No need to make upfront capital investments or commitments to hardware, software and IT infrastructure.
    • No in-house requirement for IT expertise to manage and maintain the environment.
  • Enhanced security compared to an in-house installation, including automated and timely installation of anti-virus, security patches and other software updates.
  • Increased reliability, availability and performance through high speed broadband access.
  • High availability architecture with specialised built-in system redundancy.
  • Professional support.
  • Secure accessibility over the public Internet allows access for both internal and external scenarios without any security compromises.
  • Support for highly distributed, 'virtual' work situations. No requirement for complex VPN or Internet/Intranet solutions.
  • Hassle-free, 'peace of mind', operations performed at our end means no worrying about security patches, software updates/upgrades, monitoring, repairing failed hardware, adding capacity, adding new users and so on.
  • Daily backups stored off-location, ensuring business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities at all times.

For more information about the TerraMedia Email Exchange, have a look at our TerraMedia Email Exchange overview page.

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