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Designs by TerraMedia don't just look good, they reflect your brand. In this day and age your website is often the first thing your clients and customers see so it is important that it makes a positive and memorable first impression. Whether you need a corporate website, something more personal, eCommerce facilities, or something else entirely, we understand that businesses are not all the same and we can tailor a solution to meet your needs.

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Web design done properly for your business

At TerraMedia we believe that when a website is done properly it should:

Show your core competencies and authority

It's important that your potential customers or clients know what your strengths are without having to search around to find them. It should be clear to them that you are an authority in these areas, that you know what you are doing and can provide them with the best service.

Be professional

Your website will often make the first impression your potential customers and clients have of you. In order to make a good first impression, it needs to show your professionalism by being appropriately matched to your industry, the type of clients you are targetting, and the image they expect to see in your field of expertise.

Develop trust and allow you to connect with your customers

Your customers need to be able to connect with you, which means they need to be able to trust you. With millions of websites on the internet and more added daily, it is very easy for customers to quickly find your competitors. If they find your website to invoke a greater sense of trust than your competitor, they are more likely to connect with you and engage your service or buy your products.

Differentiate you from your competitors

Often we compare ourselves to the competition, if they are more successful, we try to copy them. At TerraMedia we believe to really compete, you need to be different. Doing what your competitor does will leave you competing with them, but being different, you could reach new customers that your competition may not have. A website that is done properly will set you apart.

Be easy to use by anyone

When planning and designing a new website it's easy to forget about people that might not be technologically savvy, or that might have a disability that prevents them from accessing a website in the usual way, or even the users that only have internet access on a mobile phone. If not everyone can use your website and find what they are looking for quickly than you are losing potential customers. All websites designed by TerraMedia keep this in mind, and while your budget may not allow for a bells and whistles solution for all users, your website will certainly be usable by everyone.