Website Hosting

So you are looking at a new website but you need somewhere to host it as well.

We provide optional hosting with every website purchased. We offer three levels of hosting to provide you with an option that best suits you. If you purchase your website online through our website, you will receive website hosting at a rate of $39 per month paid half-yearly, or at a discounted $449 per year if you choose to pay yearly on our fully maintained servers.

All our servers are monitored 24 hours a day to ensure that any problems are detected early on and fixed thus keeping website down time to a minimum.

When you choose us to develop your website, you get the first 3 months of hosting completely free!

The details:

Server Backups:

Backups are often overlooked, but when there is a failure, they are what counts the most!

Hardware RAID5

All servers used for our hosting have full hardware RAID5 support to help reduce or even eliminate downtime in the event of a hard disk failure. Our RAID5 setups use a minimum of four high performance SCSI hard disks. This means that if one drive fails, the contents of it can be rebuilt entirely from the other 3 drives, thus minimizing any data loss.

Hot-Swappable SCSI Hard Disks

All of the SCSI hard disks are completely hot-swappable so that a hard disk can be replaced while the server remains online. There is no need to shutdown the server to replace a faulty disk thus reducing potential downtime for your website.

In addition to this we run full daily local backups on each server and twice weekly, all of your data will be securely backed up to an off-site location using the latest Network Attached Storage (NAS) technology. This protects your important data in the unlikely event of a full facility failure.

Email Services:

Unlimited email accounts available @ your domain that can be accessed via POP3. We allow full SMTP access on both ports 25 and 1025.

Or if you are on the move and need to access your email via web mail using one of the two web mail systems (Horde and Squirrel Mail) we have to offer.

These two web mail systems allow you to check your messages at anytime via your web browser without the need to have an email client installed. This is especially useful if you are checking your email from somewhere like an internet cafe or a public computer because it means you can check your email quickly and securely without the need to configure your account on that computer or install any special software.

Our email server is also equipped with Spam Assassin, Spam Box and Box Trapper to keep as much spam as we can out of your inbox. In addition to this, all incoming email is automatically scanned for virii as our Enterprise Antivirus system sits as a protection layer in front of your inbox. It scans all of your email for malicious content before it reaches your inbox or gets downloaded to your computer.

If you need more features than the standard email service can provide, such as email, contacts, and calendar synchronisation, or just the extra power of an Exchange server, we can provide that for you. Have a look at the TerraMedia Email Exchange, which utilises the power of Microsoft Exchange to bring you synchronised email wherever you are in the world.