What Will Custom Projects Cost

Every project we do is different, and this often results in different costs involved in producing the final product. We have a passion for high quality, standards compliant website design and would love to be involved in bringing your new website to life. So in the hope of giving you an idea of what sort of price you are looking at for your project, we'd like to share with you a bit of an overview of what's involved and how much we charge on average for different types of projects. Keep in mind that these estimates are very rough and are completely variable depending on your individual requirements and their complexity. Think of them as ball park figures. For fixed prices, have a look at our pricing section where you can order online immediately.

A General Website Project

All our projects, big and small are broken down into the amount of hours it takes to complete each part of the project so that you can see how costs are distributed.

A simple website is usually just a few pages with a contact form and custom website design.

You can generally expect between half an hour and 5 hours to go into working with you to establish how you want the design to look. Another 5 to 10 hours, sometimes more will then go into doing up the graphics and turning the initial concepts into a graphical representation.

Once we have an approved graphic design ready to go, you can expect to pay for around 25 hours of work to go into bringing the graphic design into a standards compliant XHTML and CSS website template. This can then be used either for a static website, or can be set up for use on a content management system.

If the project is for a website where the content won't be changing often, most clients in this area go with a static website, in which case, depending on the content and number of pages, you would be looking at 3 hours upwards to implement all of the content.

If the website is a larger project or is to be updated more regularly than a content management system may become a more viable solution. In this case you would be looking at about 5 hours to upgrade the template to suit a content management system.

Depending on your individual needs, the content management system set up will vary. For a simple content management system though you are looking at a rough time frame of 10 hours to implement it with your custom designed template. Depending on the functionality required, this could be higher.

From here, you can choose to add in your content yourself, or we can do it for you. The time frame for us to do it is going to be fairly similar to that of a static website, so you will generally be looking at 3 hours and up depending on the amount of pages.

If you decide to go with a content managed website where you will be maintaining your content, you will need to know how to use it. We provide one hour of off-site training for free. That is, we provide you with up to one hours of training via phone, instant message or email. Any additional training or on-site training necessary is at your expense on an hourly basis.

So in summary, you can expect:

  • Graphic design - 15 hours +
  • Coding - 25 hours +
  • Content management system set up - 15 hours +
  • Content implementation - 3 hours +

So that's approximately 43 hours for a static website, or 58 hours for a simple content managed website. At our standard $85/hour that is $3,655 or $4,930 over the course of the project.

A more complex project will take longer to put together and could add more time and costs to any section of the project. A simpler project could take less time, in fact we have had some where we have been given artistic freedom on the graphic design and the client was happy with the first design, subsequently resulting in about 13 hours saved!

If you are looking at more complex functionality in a content management system than the standard functionality, you can expect to see an increase in the time required to set it up and test the functionality to ensure it is working as desired.

Get in touch with us today for a specific quote on your needs. We look forward to hearing from you!

Other Projects

Some other common projects we do include projects where you have a graphic design all ready to go that just needs to be coded up, or where you have a content management system in place that needs a new design.

Of course not all projects will fit into the mould above. Have you got something a bit different? We would love to hear about your project, no matter what it is! Maybe you've already got a graphic design ready to go, or a content management system that needs a new design, perhaps both. Maybe you need some custom functionality. Let us know today.

Additional Services

Hosting, domain names, search engine optimisation, copy writing, all are important aspects of a web site project that should not be forgotten.

We can manage your hosting and domain name needs, ensuring you never need to worry about your domain name expiring or dealing with multiple companies for all your services. Have a look at our hosting services and domain name information pages for full details on the services we provide and pricing.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is becoming increasingly important as online competition grows and it becomes harder and harder to find your business in search results. Using a variety of techniques, we can optimise your website to push it up in search engines and make it easier for people to find you. Some of these things are at the code level, others are things you can do yourself for free, and we have talked about them on our blog. We've written an articles on free things you can do in Google and Google Maps, directories, and links. If you don't have time or aren't confident in doing them yourself, we can do them for you and provide detailed reports analysing your traffic and what things are working best for you. Get in touch with us to get an idea of what could be done on your site to better optimise it for search engines. All search engine optimisation work is charged at our regular rate of $85 per hour.

Copy writing is an important aspect of any business website and can be tied in with search engine optimisation as good copy can provide benefits to your websites ranking in search engines, making it easier for you to be found. Copy writing is charged at our standard rate of $85 per hour.