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5 reasons why you need content

Content, content, content. If you’ve done much reading in the digital marketing space, I’m sure you’ll have seen content mentioned …

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How to get to know your customers and create their profiles

It’s a new year, so, if you don’t already have a clear picture of who your customer is, there is …

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How to speed up your website with simple tools and boost your search rankings

Dec 18,17by Matt

Back in March, Google let us know that page speed is a factor in how your website ranks. It’s not …

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How to do small business low-budget branding

When we think about branding, we often confuse the idea with spending a lot of money on marketing and promotion. …

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ProFTPD 530 Error Login Incorrect

Oct 25,14by Matt

On our Debian VPS servers, we run ProFTPD in order to enable client FTP access. These servers are all managed via SSH, …

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The Power Of Blogs on Your Home Page

Skate-Parts.Com has been maintaining a blog for some time now. While this is a powerful tool in its own right, the latest posts …

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Show Hidden Files in OS X 10.9 Mavericks

In OS X 10.9 Apple have changed things around again when it comes to showing hidden files. The easiest way …

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Optimise your WordPress website with WP Super Cache

Nov 19,13by Matt

WP Super Cache is a powerful caching tool for WordPress that can offer significant performance improvements. For a brief overview of …

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What is WP Super Cache?

Nov 18,13by Matt

WordPress is an excellent content management system, aimed at simplicity based on its core blogging focus. One of the downsides …

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Need to increase or decrease your WordPress Jpg compression?

Jul 18,13by Matt

For some reason, WordPress does not seem to give you an option to increase or decrease the JPG compression ratio …

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