9 Tips For Spotting E-Commerce Fraud and Preventing It

There are always new statistics coming out showing how e-commerce is growing. More and more retailers are getting online and selling. The flip side of this is that credit card fraud through online sales is on the rise too, so what can you do to spot fraud and protect your business from it? Common fraud … Read more

Find the busiest time of day for your website

Google Analytics Visitor Overview

Why find out? Finding the busiest time of day for your website is important because it can impact the response to new content. This is especially important where your website shows time-sensitive content such as promotions in your latest blog article or if your newest products are shown somewhere prominent, be it on the front … Read more

What’s Google’s PageRank All About?

What is Google’s PageRank system? Google has developed a system that allocates a score between 0 and 10 to every website on the internet. This is known as PageRank and can be very useful in determining the online importance and impact of any website. When the Google Spider (the robot that crawls the internet to … Read more

How to spot a scam email

I received an email earlier today that is quite sneaky and has been fairly well put together to scam people. So I thought I’d use it as an example and give you a run through on things to look out for when you receive an email that could be a scam. If you have a … Read more

Is Someone Managing Your Domain Name?

I’ve been thinking about this particular topic a bit lately, following the experience of one of our clients. Who is managing your domain names, and in particular, who is making sure that they get renewed? Domain names are a vital asset for your business online. Whether you use a single domain name for all your business … Read more

How Does Your Website Compare? Validation, Usability and Readability

If you were asked how well your website’s content is written, what would you say? Do you know if it is compatible with the major browsers? How many seconds does it take to load on average in different parts of the world? Are there any broken links on your site right now? It might not … Read more

Develop a customer base before you start selling

While your website is under development, there are a number of things you can do to start marketing it and getting potential customers. This is especially important if you are selling a product or service. Even if you are not ready to sell yet, people may be interested in what you are selling, so why … Read more

Become the centre of attention – Part three – Links

In part 1, we had a look at making sure your website is actually indexed by search engines, and then leveraging the power of Google Maps. In part 2, we looked at a number of directories and how they can be used to not only provide a place for people to find you in, but … Read more