Change The Default Magento Invoice Logo

Magento makes it very easy to change the default logo and address used on HTML & PDF invoice and packing slip printouts without needing to edit template files or any code. The options available are limited, but it does make it straightforward for an end user.

  1. Log into the admin console.
  2. Within the System drop-down menu navigate to Configuration.
  3. Within the configuration section, select Sales from the sidebar under the Sales heading.
  4. Click the Invoice and Packing Slip Design heading to expand this section if it is not already.

From here you can upload two logos, one for PDF invoice print-outs and one for HTML invoice print-view. The PDF print-out logo must be 200px x 50px or it will be scaled down to this size. If your logo is different dimensions this may result in distortion.

You can also enter your address and any other information you would like shown at the top of the invoice in the Address box. Note that depending on your template this may not display the same way you enter it here.

To view a full screenshot, click the heading image above.

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November 28, 2017

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