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UNLIMITED support for your website

Your website is essential to your business

You have a website that is vital to your business. It is not just a brochure, it also generates leads, customers and revenue.

It’s somewhere that your customers, suppliers, potential new staff, partners and investors will find you, learn about you and hopefully engage with you.

Your website is absolutely crucial to the success of your business and you need the peace of mind that it is up and running, fast to load and accessible to your audience 24/7, without disruption.

All software is vulnerable to security risks

All software needs to be kept up to date, whether it is on your computer, your web server or your website itself. Your competitors are protecting themselves and their investment with new websites, online strategies, and vital security.

The world is getting smaller every day and technology is constantly changing. It’s getting harder to keep up, let alone stay ahead of your competitors.

More and more websites are being attacked and hacked every day, including big companies like Facebook and millions of small businesses. No one is completely safe. It’s the unfortunate nature of the world we live in, and websites are an easy target.

Software needs updating. All software. Including the software that powers your website. Your competitors are waking up (or maybe leading the way) and innovating with new websites and online strategies. The world is getting smaller as more of us connect to the web and that means that it is only going to get harder to keep up, let alone stay ahead of the pack. More and more websites are getting hacked and attacked, including the big players like Twitter and Facebook as well as millions of small businesses everyday. It’s the nature of the world we live in and unfortunately websites are an easy target.

Do it yourself

Keeping a WordPress website backed up, up to date and secure can be a time consuming task and can at times be particularly tedious.

Chances are, it’s not your area of expertise either.

It’s taking you away from the things you do best, like building relationships with your customers and providing them with services they rave about.

Meanwhile, technology is changing and evolving. Is it really practical to keep across all the trends, developments, security vulnerabilities, best practices and actually doing the maintenance work?

Generic help

Some hosting companies include updates and monitor the server security.

They are typically experienced and know what they are doing because they are doing it for thousands of other customers every day.

This also means that they may not be paying attention to the finer details of your website and business.

Our help

If you are here, then chances are, we know your website inside out because we built it or have worked on it for you.

We know every little building block inside and out. We know all the variables and combinations of things that combine to make it look and work the way that is uniquely yours.

We also know the software that your website is built on very well.

We’ve been using it (WordPress) for over 10 years and all of our websites (including our own) are built on the same software.

This means we are in the best position to keep your website up and running, secure, up to date and open for business. .

We can do that with one of our WordPress Website Care Plans.

What we offer

We’ll do all the nitty gritty things you don’t want to so you can just enjoy being a superhero to your audience. Think of us as the Robin to your Batman.

We will perform an unlimited number of small tasks on your website throughout the month to make sure every piece of content and code is perfect.

The upside

Working with us means your website will continue to drive attention and customers into your business at a fraction of the time and cost it would take to do it yourself.

It will be secured, monitored for hacking attempts and malware infections, kept up to date, and issues related to any software updates or hacks will be fixed.

Social proof

We provide care for stacks of businesses all over Australia and other parts of the world.

Check out some of them below:

Gavin Mead
Matt was great. Listened to what we wanted and what we said. He gave us heaps of ideas, and better ways of doing things. Would definitely highly recommend him for all your website needs. Very easy to get along with, and very well priced. We def got our money's worth. He so good he will be working on my next business.
Tim Miller
Terramedia are great at listening and understanding a laymens request for web services. They are fast and efficient and not over priced.

We are busy too

It’s true. Like Doctors in the 70’s and Accountants in the 80’s, good web developers are flat out these days and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change in a hurry.

We need to know more about you

To be completely honest, we are only really interested in working with clients who understand the value that their website brings to their business. So, we have made our website care plans available by application only.

Please review our plans below and use the form at the end of this page to see if you qualify.

Our service is designed to offer you peace of mind and the assurance that you have a skilled partner on your team who can help you achieve your online objectives.

Silver - Investment: $459/mo

Our Silver care plan is perfect if you just need your website maintained and a little bit of assistance with basic content management.

Includes the following:

  • Website speed monitoring and optimisation (within the limitations of your hosting account).
  • Peace of mind that all your website software is up to date.
  • Website security hardening.
  • Daily and weekly backups of your website stored on secure cloud servers so you can rest easy knowing that if anything ever goes wrong we can restore your website quickly.
  • Constant security monitoring to keep any nasty intruders out as well as identify and fix any issues that may arise.
  • Two sessions per month to assist you with basic content management across your site.

Gold - Investment: $929/mo

Our Gold plan is perfect if you are adding features or functionality to your website on a regular basis.

It includes all of the Silver benefits plus UNLIMITED* small tasks to assist you with managing the content on your website.


All sessions are conducted by telephone or Skype.

*Unlimited small tasks include any task that takes us less than 30 minutes to complete and typically covers things like adding a testimonials section or a staff profile section to your website. Content management tasks do not cover advanced features such as a complete online shop or membership section.

There is no contract for any of these plans and you are free to cancel any time. These plans are offered on a subscription basis and need to be paid monthly in advance.


$ 459 /month
  • Speed monitoring & optimisation
  • All software updates
  • Security hardening
  • Off-site daily and weekly backups
  • Security monitoring and website recovery
  • 2x Content management assistance sessions


$ 929 /month
  • Speed monitoring & optimisation
  • All software updates
  • Security hardening
  • Off-site daily and weekly backups
  • Security monitoring and website recovery
  • Unlimited Content management assistance sessions


Use the form below to apply for one of our WordPress website care plans and we’ll get in touch to see if we’re a good fit.

We are looking forward to working with you!


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