What does your website say when you search for it?

A website says a lot, but what does it say to anyone that is searching for it? Do they even consider looking at your website? Getting your website indexed by search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Live is one thing, but making sure they list what you want them to list is just as important.

I was looking for a particular item the other day and came across their website in the search results, what did it say?

“Sorry your browser does not support Iframes. Please update your browser in order to view our site properly. We recommend IE 5+ for both Mac and PC. Thanks!”

The title was just as unrecognisable, if I didn’t know that the address was the one I was looking for, I wouldn’t have bothered clicking on it except as a last resort if the other high ranked results were not what I was looking for, would you?

Different search engines use different parts of the website to determine what they display as the title and in the result description, and it’s important to make sure that what people see is what they are looking for.

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