What's Google's PageRank All About?

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What is Google's PageRank system?

Google have developed a system that allocates a score between 0 and 10 to every website on the internet. This is known as PageRank and can be very useful in determining the online importance and impact of any website.

When the Google Spider (the robot that crawls the internet to find websites) visits a website it applies an algorithm that is constantly changing and improving to assess the relevance of the content it is accessing.

How does it work?

If there are 1000 websites all competing for one term, the ones that have the highest PageRank will usually appear higher in the organic Google search results than the websites that have a lower PageRank.

How can I find my PageRank?

The best way to see the Page Rank of any website is to use the Google Toolbar. It can be installed on either Internet Explorer or Firefox and when the PageRank tool is enabled, it shows the rank of every website you visit. To enable the PageRank tool, click on the Google Toolbar “Options” then click on “Tools” and enable the PageRank tool.

What else should I know?

The PageRank changes quite often depending on changes in their algorithm, changes to your website, changes to your competitors websites and so on, so it is worthwhile making sure you are aware of how your website is ranking and are constantly looking at ways to improve your ranking and visibility in search engines, especially Google.

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