5 Ways to Get More Orders for Your Online Store

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Have you got an amazing quality product or multiple products but struggle to sell online? Do you wonder how other businesses on WooCommerce sell more products than your online store? Do you feel that there are some flaws in your marketing strategy due to which you get lesser orders? There might be multiple reasons why you are yet to succeed in achieving your monthly revenue generation and sales target. Your goal, as the store owner, should be to minimize friction and streamline the customer experience as much as possible. You need to reduce barriers for your customers. This means considering how clear your product descriptions are, a simply returns and refund policy, and perhaps the ability to pre-order products that have temporarily sold out.
In this article, we will be taking a high level look at multiple ways to get more orders for your online store.

1. Write a clear product description


One big reason for fewer orders might be unclear product descriptions that you have posted for a product. A product description is important to convey key your customer needs in order to make a purchase and also plays a big part in your product SEO. Your product description typically includes information on the product’s features and how the product works. A clear product description contains all the essential information that can help the customers, from the buying process to its usage. It should also include why this product is going to help its purchaser.

To write a clear and compelling product description, you can hire a professional content writer to help you out for cheap on Fiverr or Upwork. You might also want to consider doing some market research and creating a customer persona before reviewing and editing the product description. This can help you or your writer to better target the product description to the best customers.

2. Introduce discount codes, coupons, and bulk purchase packages


Once you have a clear understanding of who the best customers are for your product and created a buyer persona, you can also use the data for introducing different discount packages to attract more customers. Take on feedback and reviews from past customers and identify if there are opportunities to run sales, discount codes, free shipping coupons or bulk-buy deals that would encourage potential buyers to purchase and potentially increase average order values.

Introducing attractive discount packages for a quality product is an effective marketing strategy on e-commerce websites including WooCommerce. Introducing bulk purchase packages can also be helpful, particularly with products that lend themselves to buying more, like consumables. This is Costco’s entire business model!

Make sure you tie any special offers and promotions in with social media ad campaigns, search campaigns and don’t forget to use Google Business to advertise the discount packages to potential customers.

3. Run Ad-Campaigns to advertise products


All types of businesses require a top-notch marketing strategy that must be focused on introducing its products to potential buyers. In the evermore connected and globalized world today, advertising your product is easy enough to do. There are thousands of online platforms that provide you an opportunity to advertise your product for free or for very minimal charges.

The approach will depend on your target market which is informed by that customer persona you created. You might include social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram if that’s where your customers hang out. Newsletters, email marketing, Pinterest, Google Ads, and third-party marketplaces like, eBay, Amazon, etc., can also help in generating more online audience in-flow.

Whatever approach you take, keep your ideal customer in mind and focus your efforts on reaching them in a way that makes sense to them. Don’t just set it and forget it, constantly improve.

4. Introduce a return policy and money-back guarantee


Despite offering a top-notch product, you might have to deal with product fault issues or customers who are unhappy about something related to their purchase from your online store. And now, they might be inquiring about your store’s return policy. While it is disappointing to see a product come back, having an easy and effective money-back policy can increase the likelihood that customers will order from you. There is a reason that Amazon Prime, eBay Plus and many retailers are making change of mine returns extremely easy and hassle free. It increases sales, often at a slightly higher price, because it reduces the risk to the customer.

Chances are you have been in that position of buying something online. You aren’t quite sure if it will fit right, or if the colour matches what you want. If you have a choice between a store that does not accept change of mind returns and one that offers 30-day returns, chances are you will go with the one that offers 30-day returns.

Drafting and posting a visible, clear, and easy returns and money-back guarantee policy will help you in gaining customers’ confidence. This in turn will help in maximizing your store’s happy customers and repeat business. Remember that word-of-mouth marketing is among the most effective sales strategies. Customers that are satisfied with your store’s return policy will generate more revenue for your store. Thus, happy customers will attract more customers.

5. Use the WooCommerce Pre Order option

WooCommerce is one the best platforms to get more customers for your online store. However, if your store runs out of product stock, customers will go looking elsewhere. If you regularly receive new stock, allowing customers to pre-order can help increase your orders. Adding WooCommerce Pre Order capabilities can help to capture customers who are ready to buy, and who are happy with your policies and don’t mind if there is a small delay. This is often the case when a customer has already decided that they would prefer to buy from you rather than another store.

This option helps the customers to pre-order their favourite product from your online store, even before the product is re-stocked so you can dispatch their order as soon as possible.

Features of WooCommerce Pre Order

  • The payment procedure is easy and customizable.
  • You can enable or disable this option for your online store any time you want.
  • You can set and edit the date and time for the product’s restocking (very important for letting customers know how long the wait will be – if they aren’t informed, pre-orders can quickly become headaches).
  • Show customers a list of pre-order products available from your online store.
  • It also sets up a pre-order status for all those products which are out of stock in your online store.

Enabling the WooCommerce Pre Order option is quite simple and at USD $29 annually, it’s extremely affordable. The WooCommerce Pre Order plugin is customisable according to your online store’s needs and can allow you to do some pretty cool things, like offering a pre-order discount price, and either charge customers immediately, or charge them when the product becomes available again.

So that’s 5 ways you can maximize orders for your online store at a high level.

Was this article helpful? Please let us know in the comments below. Please keep checking our latest articles on how to maximize the number of orders for your online store.

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