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Get the privacy policy template!

Ugh. Legal mumbo-jumbo.

That’s what most of us think when we realise we need to have a privacy policy on our websites, right?

Especially in the wake of the GDPR news coverage earlier this year.

It’s true, it is one of the less interesting aspects of launching a website, or a business.

I’m sure we would all much rather focus on the exciting things, like the design, a new product, marketing dare I say it, maybe even logistics!

Hey, I actually enjoy logistics so no judgement from me if you like that too!

Then there’s the cost!!!

Having a solicitor draft one up for you isn’t particularly cheap!

Unfortunately, though, privacy waits for no one.

In the West, our societies tend to be very individualistic and a high value is placed on individual privacy.

The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner conducted a survey in 2017 into just how Australian’s perceive privacy:

2017 Australian Community Attitudes to Privacy Survey - Office of the Australian Information Commissioner
Source: 2017 Australian Community Attitudes to Privacy Survey – Office of the Australian Information Commissioner

So, while 65% of us don’t actually read privacy policies anyway, you really need to have a practical privacy policy in place that provides the protections your customers want, even if they can’t be bothered checking.

What do I mean by practical you ask?

I mean something that complies with your privacy requirements but that you can actually live up to as well.

Over the years I’ve tweaked, modified and updated the privacy policy we use based on the legal requirements in Australia, and, of course, making sure it is practical for us to implement and achieve.

Now, I’m making it available to you as a free privacy policy template.

Get it, download it, modify it for your business, and importantly, make sure that you actually do what you say you do in your privacy policy.

Get the privacy policy template!

I would be remiss if I didn’t add, this privacy policy template or any other that you ultimately decide to use should really be looked over by your legal advisor.

Yes, that costs money, but they may pick things up that are especially relevant to your business.

Don’t let privacy be a burden in your business.

Yes, it’s right at the bottom of the list of things you want to do today, but find a way to make it fun.

If you build your business in a privacy-centric fashion, then it is less of a chore to implement.

If your privacy policy sets the foundation for what you do with every piece of information your business receives, then your customers or clients will appreciate it, and it will become a natural part of your business processes.

Wait, did I say find a way to make your privacy policy fun??

Yeah. I did.

If you like solving product problems, think of privacy as another piece of the product puzzle.

If you are all about marketing, think about how privacy serves your marketing efforts.

Privacy doesn’t have to be, and shouldn’t be a negative thing.

Grab our privacy policy template and start building a privacy-centric business right now.


Get the privacy policy template!


Use of this template comes under our terms of use which in short mean that if you use it, we aren’t liable in the event that anything bad happens in connection with it.

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