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A simple product in Woocommerce is one that is, as the name suggests, simple. It doesn’t have any variations, it isn’t downloadable, there are no options for customers to choose from, they just buy the product as-is.

If you need to add simple products in WooCommerce, head to the products list in your WordPress admin area by following these instructions.

The list of products will look like the example below. You may notice, there is an “Add New” link in the products menu. You can click this to skip going to the product list page.

You will see the “Add New” button at the top of the screen beside the “Products” heading. Click it to open the new product page, or click “Add New” in the products menu.

The new product screen will look like the one below from Arianrhod Aromatics.

From here, you can perform all the functions required to add your products, including:

  • Add the title
  • Add the description
  • Set the product type
  • Set the tax status and class
  • Manage product inventory
  • Set product weight and dimensions
  • Define upsells and cross-sells
  • Specify product attributes and variations
  • Manage product variations including images
  • Enable or disable product reviews
  • Set a short product description
  • Set product categories
  • Set product tags
  • Set the primary product image
  • Set additional product gallery images

Once you’ve entered all of your product information, click the grey “Preview” button from the Publish box in the top right of the page to see how it looks before you publish your new product.

If you are satisfied with the appearance, the blue “Publish” button to publish the new product.

Once your new product has been saved, you will see the text “Product updated. View Product” appear at the top of the screen.

This confirms your product has been saved. If there is any error saving, it will also appear here.

If you would like to check the live appearance, click the “View Product” link to go to the public-facing product page.

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