Most Common Website Problems and Solutions

Most Common Website Problems and Solutions
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Having a website is paramount to your success, as it offers a platform where you meet with your customers. Through your website, you can globally reach prospective customers in real-time and also respond to their reviews. Optimising your website is crucial to winning conversions. Our company has managed many WordPress websites for a lengthy period. Using our expertise in this field, we have pointed out the most common website problems and their prevention or solution as outlined here.  

Dormant websites

Many businesses build a website but never put in the necessary effort to update current features or respond to customer reviews. Many companies that develop websites for businesses seldom offer the appropriate follow up support, which forces these businesses to hire receptionists or administrators to manage the websites. These managers rarely have the required skills to manage a website. You should hire the services of a professional to maintain your website. Updating your website helps you to rank higher in the search engines, which increases your sales through increased customer access. 

Outdated Website Designs

Outdated website design mostly results from business negligence to employ the services of a professional web designer to save money. Your website should allow for constant upgrades necessary to maintain your brand image. Making your website more professional and modern should be your top priority. Standing out against billions of websites requires a critical emphasis on your design layout. Avoid hiring graphic designers to redesign your website who don’t understand how your CMS works. If you feel your website is outdated, always seek advice from WordPress experts.

Websites That Are Not Regularly Backed up 

You should back up your website regularly. Failure to back up your website regularly exposes it to the risk of hacking and destruction. It is a common shock to many businesses who have experienced the hacking menace. Building another website takes time and money, which impacts your business negatively. It is wise to back up your website at least weekly. If you update your content frequently or have lots of customer data like e-commerce websites, you should consider daily backups.

Lack of On-page Optimisation and Call to Actions

Most customers type different keywords on Google to search for products before finding your business online. It is critical to have relevant content on your website to rank high on the search engines. Avoid stuffing your website with unnecessary words that are not natural. Always include an appropriate call to action to capture conversions from the people that do find their way to your website. 

Poor Social Sharing Options

Your website should have a blog to allow sharing of your content among readers. Whenever your content is shared, it generates brand awareness, and you quickly reach potential customers. Your website should be a significant sales and marketing tool for your business. For customers to share it though, they need something to share that they see value in, and often that is useful free content in your blog.

Self-managing Website Tasks 

Businesses lose a lot of time trying to personally manage their website. Using the services of content management systems such as WordPress will help manage your website professionally in less time. Using a web host that manages the content management system for you, like us, takes the tasks of managing software updates, backups, and general maintenance off your plate.

Tracking Website Metrics

Knowing your website numbers guides you when assessing parts that require revising, adding, or optimizing on your website. You should constantly review your website as metrics evolve rapidly. Free tools are available to help with this like Google Analytics and Matomo (previously called Piwik).

Little Thought Put Towards Getting The Website to Rank 

Finding target customers requires a website to rank high in the search engines. When deciding on whether to hire a professional website manager, it is necessary to understand that customers can always find alternatives to what you are offering. There are many factors that go into getting a website to rank well. One is the website loading speed, which can largely be attributed to your web host. Another is your content, and still another, the user experience.

Poor User Experience on Mobile Devices 

Today, most people access websites using mobile devices. Your website should be mobile friendly and work seamlessly on all devices for other users, and when users transition between devices. if you wish to serve a broader range of the market. Consider all screen sizes when developing a website and ensure a consistent user experience across all kinds of devices.

You can solve many of these common problems by hiring a competent WordPress hosting expert to manage your website. Don’t delay! Contact us for more information about our managed hosting services, or try one of our recommended managed hosting providers below:

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