How to find and manage your orders in WooCommerce

How to find and manage your orders in WooCommerce

One of the first things any new WooCommerce store manager needs to do is manage orders. So, to do that, you need to be able to find them!

So, let’s navigate to our product list.

First up, log into your WordPress admin section and find the WooCommerce menu in the WordPress admin bar. If you hover over it, you will see the first menu item is “Orders“. Chances are, it will also have a number beside it. This number is how many orders are currently in the “Awaiting Processing” state.

Click on the “Orders” menu item to navigate to the orders screen.

You will see the orders screen appear looking something like the one below from Australia’s Own.

From the order screen you can expand an order to view the details and update it by clicking the order number or order name beside it.

From here, you can perform all the functions that may be required to manage that particular order, including:

Your order screen will look something like this one.

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