Most Common Website Problems and Solutions

Most Common Website Problems and Solutions

Having a website is paramount to your success, as it offers a platform where you meet with your customers. Through your website, you can globally reach prospective customers in real-time and also respond to their reviews. Optimising your website is crucial to winning conversions. Our company has managed many WordPress websites for a lengthy period. … Read more

TerraMedia Base Camp Websites and Google Sites Comparison

TerraMedia Base Camp vs Google Sites

With so many site builders around, the question is often: which one is right for my business? So, in this article, I’m going to do a comparison between our Base Camp websites that are powered by WordPress compared to the free Google Sites platform. If it raises any questions for you, please don’t hesitate to … Read more

Case Study: Amazing Facts Oceania

Amazing Facts Wordpress Website Home Page

Amazing Facts Oceania Amazing Facts is a multimedia Christian ministry based around a weekly television program. Amazing Facts Oceania operates in Australian and New Zealand where the TV program feeds viewers to their website. In 2018, it was time for an update with a focus on e-learning, e-commerce and mobile usability. Visit Website Flexible Home … Read more

Periodic Website Maintenance: What we do

Wordpress Maintenance

Website maintenance. It’s a service that often gets overlooked because, to be honest, the cost is usually more visible than the benefits. The thing is though, having someone to coordinate all of your digital assets and work with you on your website and digital marketing can make a massive difference to your web presence. What … Read more

Optimise your WordPress website with WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache is a powerful caching tool for WordPress that can offer significant performance improvements. For a brief overview of what WP Super Cache is, what it does, and why it is beneficial for your WordPress website, check out my earlier article here. 4 Steps to Performance Gains Click on any of the images below to … Read more

Need to increase or decrease your WordPress Jpg compression?

For some reason, WordPress does not seem to give you an option to increase or decrease the JPG compression ratio in the media settings. This means your scaled images are stuck at the default compression ratio. The default is 90%. This is quite high and when used with high resolution, high-quality images, this is not going to … Read more

How Does Your Website Compare? Validation, Usability and Readability

If you were asked how well your website’s content is written, what would you say? Do you know if it is compatible with the major browsers? How many seconds does it take to load on average in different parts of the world? Are there any broken links on your site right now? It might not … Read more

Where does your website go when you aren’t looking? The importance of cross-browser compatibility

Your website looks great, doesn’t it? What does the rest of the world see though? When your back is turned and your website is out running wild through the data pipes that are the internet, does it still look great? Maybe you browse the web using Internet Explorer, or Firefox, perhaps Safari or Opera, but … Read more