How to create a custom unsubscribe button in SharpSpring emails

SharpSpring comes with a lot of lesser-known but great functionality built right into the email editor. Making a custom unsubscribe button is one of those things. It’s really easy to do, but the solution might not seem that obvious. 1. Design your button Add a button to your email using the SharpSpring button element and … Read more

What is our marketing automation definition?

Marketing Automation runs in the background

We love marketing automation, frankly, it’s amazing! In fact, it’s almost like nirvana. Peace in a chaotic world of marketing. That said, we know how it works and what it can achieve for your business. So how do we define marketing automation? Here is our marketing automation definition: Marketing automation is the use of powerful … Read more

GDPR impacts all Australian business websites, so use it to your advantage

There are benefits to GDPR

You may have noticed lots of emails about new terms of service, new privacy policies and other changes that are coming into effect on May 25 inline with the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR). We’ve had lots of time to get ready for it, but the fact is, most of us outside of the EU don’t realise it even applies. With hefty fines starting at 20 million Euros and going up to 4% of annual global turnover if that is a higher figure, it’s important to make sure your business is ready.

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What to do if your Facebook traffic is decreasing

Facebook Traffic Decreasing

Since it’s inception, Facebook has increasingly become a vital source of traffic for websites. Even to the point that people began to suggest content and brands would find you rather than you finding them. While this is becoming increasingly true, Facebook recently announced that business, brand, and news outlet pages would become less prominent in … Read more

5 reasons why you need content

Content is like a good BBQ

Content, content, content. If you’ve done much reading in the digital marketing space, I’m sure you’ll have seen content mentioned over and over again. Even to the point of saying that content is king. Today, I want to tell you that this is true, but not entirely for the reasons you might have heard. Content … Read more

How to get to know your customers and create their profiles

Customer avatars

It’s a new year, so, if you don’t already have a clear picture of who your customer is, there is no better time than now to come up with their profiles. If you aren’t sure what the value is in doing this exercise, think about it like this: Marketing is becoming unbelievably personal, with personalisation … Read more

Find the busiest time of day for your website

Google Analytics Visitor Overview

Why find out? Finding the busiest time of day for your website is important because it can impact the response to new content. This is especially important where your website shows time-sensitive content such as promotions in your latest blog article or if your newest products are shown somewhere prominent, be it on the front … Read more