What to do if your Facebook traffic is decreasing

Facebook Traffic Decreasing

Since it’s inception, Facebook has increasingly become a vital source of traffic for websites. Even to the point that people began to suggest content and brands would find you rather than you finding them. While this is becoming increasingly true, Facebook recently announced that business, brand, and news outlet pages would become less prominent in … Read more

5 reasons why you need content

Content is like a good BBQ

Content, content, content. If you’ve done much reading in the digital marketing space, I’m sure you’ll have seen content mentioned over and over again. Even to the point of saying that content is king. Today, I want to tell you that this is true, but not entirely for the reasons you might have heard. Content … Read more

Become the centre of attention – Part three – Links

In part 1, we had a look at making sure your website is actually indexed by search engines, and then leveraging the power of Google Maps. In part 2, we looked at a number of directories and how they can be used to not only provide a place for people to find you in, but … Read more