What’s Google’s PageRank All About?

What is Google’s PageRank system? Google has developed a system that allocates a score between 0 and 10 to every website on the internet. This is known as PageRank and can be very useful in determining the online importance and impact of any website. When the Google Spider (the robot that crawls the internet to … Read more

Become the centre of attention – Part three – Links

In part 1, we had a look at making sure your website is actually indexed by search engines, and then leveraging the power of Google Maps. In part 2, we looked at a number of directories and how they can be used to not only provide a place for people to find you in, but … Read more

Become the centre of attention – Part one – Google and Google Maps

2008 has been a great year, despite the challenges that many of us have faced with the financial crisis and reduced consumer spending around the world. However, when times get tough, we innovate and improve. So for the start of 2009, I would like to have a look at what you can do yourself for … Read more