How to get to know your customers and create their profiles

Customer avatars

It’s a new year, so, if you don’t already have a clear picture of who your customer is, there is no better time than now to come up with their profiles. If you aren’t sure what the value is in doing this exercise, think about it like this: Marketing is becoming unbelievably personal, with personalisation … Read more

13 Things Your Website Should Have To Help Your SEO Efforts

Every website is different, but no matter what your site is about, there are 13 things your website should have to allow you to to make the most of search engine optimisation on your website and improve it. All of the content managed (CMS) and e-commerce websites we build either include these things or include … Read more

Find the busiest time of day for your website

Google Analytics Visitor Overview

Why find out? Finding the busiest time of day for your website is important because it can impact the response to new content. This is especially important where your website shows time-sensitive content such as promotions in your latest blog article or if your newest products are shown somewhere prominent, be it on the front … Read more