How to set the image for a product attribute in Woocommerce

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Attributes in WooCommerce are used for variations in variable products as well as providing a consistent way of displaying information between products. For example, you may have ingredients that are used in multiple products. Sizes that are used by multiple products, colours, and the list goes on. Attributes are where you set these consistent options for use across all of your products. Each of the variable options an attribute provides is called a term. A colour attribute’s terms could include things like blue, yellow, orange, and red.

If your attribute has had images enabled, and please note, this will only work for attributes that have image support enabled, then you can set an image to go with each attribute term. This image can be used in places like an attribute term list.

We are going to add an image to our attribute terms in these instructions.

Please note, image support on attributes is not native to WooCommerce and must be added. These instructions assume you have added it already. If you have not, we recommend using the “Categories Images” plugin. You will also need to update your theme as per the plugin documentation to display the attribute images.

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Setup the product attributes

To add an image to your attribute term, first navigate to the attribute list.

Hover over the Products menu in your WordPress admin and select Attributes from the sub-menu.

You will see a list of your attributes and their terms, as well as the add new attribute form.

Click the Edit link under the attribute title that contains the terms you want to edit.

You will be taken to a similar screen, listing all the terms that belong to the selected attribute. In this case, we are looking at the ingredients attribute. We can see the Aloe Vera term with a description and an image. We can also see that 15 products have this term assigned to them in the count column.

Click the “Edit” link under the term name that you want to add an image to.

The Edit, Quick Edit, Delete and View options will appear when you hover over the term.

You will be taken to the edit screen for the selected term. Here you can update the name, slug, description, image and SEO information for it.

Click the “Upload/Add Image” button to add or replace an image to the term.

The media library window will appear for you to select or upload a new image.

Once you have selected your new image, scroll to the end of the page, click the blue Update button.

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