How to add a variable Woocommerce product


A variable product in Woocommerce is one that has options or variations associated with it. Common examples are size or colour. Rather than listing each variation as a separate product, you can create one variable product that has all these different options associated with it. The process of creating a variable product is almost identical … Read more

How to add a simple Woocommerce product


A simple product in Woocommerce is one that is, as the name suggests, simple. It doesn’t have any variations, it isn’t downloadable, there are no options for customers to choose from, they just buy the product as-is. If you need to add simple products in , head to the products list in your WordPress admin … Read more

How to add a new property listing for sale with Easy Property Listings

Easy Property Listings

If you are using Easy Property Listings to manage your WordPress real estate website, here’s how to go about adding a new property for sale.

I highly recommend the Sliders add-on for Easy Property Listings. We use it all the time to make the listing galleries prettier and more user-friendly. I use it in in this tutorial video, and if you are a real estate client of TerraMedia then chances are you have it set up on your website.

Not sure what Easy Property Listings is? Find out more at the Easy Property Listings website.

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What are product variations in WooCommerce and how do you use them?


Product variations in  allow you to combine multiple similar products into one listing, for example, different sizes or different colours. Products must have their “Product data” set as “Variable product” to enable the product variations tab. These variations are managed on a per-product basis and rely on product attributes to define the difference in each variation. … Read more

How to edit a WooCommerce product


If you need to edit your products, head to the products list in your WordPress admin area by following these instructions. The list of products will look like the example below. Find the desired product in the list and hover your mouse over it. The context menu will appear below the title like the below … Read more

How to find the appointments screen in Webba Booking

Appointment Book

Many of the administrative booking functions in are accessed via the appointments page. When you first log into WordPress, you will start at the dashboard which looks something like this: The appointments screen allows you to manage all of your appointments in a list format, including adding new ones. You can access the Appointments page … Read more