5 Ways to Get More Orders for Your Online Store

Have you got an amazing quality product or multiple products but struggle to sell online? Do you wonder how other businesses on WooCommerce sell more products than your online store? Do you feel that there are some flaws in your marketing strategy due to which you get lesser orders? There might be multiple reasons why … Read more

7 WooCommerce User Assistance Plugins You Must Install

With the advent of content management systems like WordPress, people can easily design websites using prebuilt templates. The average person can create a website for various industries and target markets in a relatively short time without a technical background. However, these preexisting templates only serve “basic website” features. They often come up short when you … Read more

How to offer discounts to customers in return for reviews using the Customer Reviews for WooCommerce plugin

How to incentivise customers to leave reviews in WooCommerce by offering them a discount with CusRev

Do you struggle to get customers to review your products? Are you finding that even with automated review invitations being sent out by the “Customer Reviews for WooCommerce” plugin to your customers, that they still don’t leave reviews? Or are you getting a decent amount of reviews and just want to increase that number? It … Read more

How to insert CusRev customer reviews around your WooCommerce store to build trust with potential buyers


Have you been capturing customer reviews on your WooCommerce store but want to display them more effectively? Want to show trust badges that highlight how highly your products and store are rated? Do you just need to build more trust with your potential buyers? Today, we’re going to talk about how to use the customer … Read more

How to set the image for a product attribute in Woocommerce


Attributes in  are used for variations in variable products as well as providing a consistent way of displaying information between products. For example, you may have ingredients that are used in multiple products. Sizes that are used by multiple products, colours, and the list goes on. Attributes are where you set these consistent options for use … Read more

How do you add variations to a Woocommerce product


Product variations in  allow you to combine multiple similar products into one listing, for example, different sizes or different colours of the same product. To enable variations, set your product to be a “Variable product” as per the instructions for adding a variable product here. Woocommerce product variations are managed independently for each product and rely … Read more

How to add a variable Woocommerce product


A variable product in Woocommerce is one that has options or variations associated with it. Common examples are size or colour. Rather than listing each variation as a separate product, you can create one variable product that has all these different options associated with it. The process of creating a variable product is almost identical … Read more